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Trust has more than 23 acres of land in one contiguous place which is far in excess and any university norms.

Trust has spared one building, with separate entrance, with 10 classrooms of approx. 25 x 30 feet each, ie nearly 750 sqft carpet area, and is fully furnished and functional. Apart from this 3 more classrooms of same size are ready in all respects, for which orders of furniture and fixtures are being placed. There is still more space for constructing 3 more class rooms.
We have class rooms on ground floor as well as on first floor.

We have beautiful and well equipped theatre with latest audio-visual equipment in the same campus for students. Total area of theatre is 2175.12 sqft.

Other Facilities
·  Fully functional Language Lab for students
·  Separate Staff room of 17.0” x 13.0”.
·  Open Air Theater of 34.6” x 125.3”.
·  Seminar hall of  80.3” x 25.0”.
·  Indoor Sport Room of 52.6” x 67.9”.
·  Library Stock Room of 45.0” x 21.0”.
·  Ladies Room of 25.10 x 12.10”.
·  Canteen 46.6” x 61.0”

·  We also have other utilities like power, water, sanitation and fully equipped multimedia room.